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Starting an Online Business at Home? Well Think Again…

Have you ever thought about starting your own online business? Trust me, it is NOT easy. I have shared this interest and wasted countless hours searching for the perfect way to make money on the internet. Although I found a few worthy ideas, there are still many flaws. On top of that, about 90% of online home business websites are SCAMS. Yes, scams. They use catchy marketing phrases to lure people into their trap. Luckily, I never fell victim to their tricks. It took a long time, but I was able to come up with some ideas that may help you out:

Drop shipping– A very useful business, which involves nothing more than selling an item over the internet and making a profit. Many websites team up with suppliers and allow you to sell their products. Once the item is sold, the supplier ships it to your customer free of charge. All you pay is the cost of the product, and if you are selling it at a high enough price, you are able to keep the profit! Unfortunately, most drop shipping websites do not have items for the cheapest price, and therefore it is difficult to make any profit whatsoever.

Wholesale– This option is similar to drop shipping, but requires you to buy large quantities of products for a cheaper price each. Unless you are a poor seller, I recommend using this idea over drop shipping.

^Everything above passed my “online business test”. The following option should be avoided at all costs, since it is entirely a trick.

There are products online that require you to buy and sell them to other people, promising money depending on how many people you sell it to. These products are usually “ebooks” or downloadable information. I suggest you avoid these websites entirely, since the item is nearly impossible to sell, and you usually end up being tricked into paying large quantities of money.

Well, that concludes my little article on “home business opportunities. Below are a few drop shipping sites with descriptions:

http://www.doba.com/ – very reliable website, monthly or annual payments, 7-day free trial included.

http://megagoods.com/ – good website, haven’t tried it personally

http://simplx.com/ – low prices on items, haven’t tried it personally