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My Favorite Things to Do on Weekends

Well, when i see the weekend rolling in, I plan on exactly what I’ll be doing. I always find it better¬†planning ahead rather than waiting till the last minute. My average weekends consist of:

-spending time with my girlfriend

-watching any games on T.V. (sports)

– going out to the movies

-going to/throwing a party

-having some kids over to chill

-go to blockbuster and rent some video games

-think about exercising

-TRY to exercise

-shop at the mall

-do the weekly chores around the house

-forget to do the weekly chores around the house

-decide to actually get homework done on friday night, but forget to bring the right books home

-sleep in till 1

-wish that everyday could be sunday


Other than that, I may actually do something exciting. Maybe go to six flags, visit somewhere new, travel the country helping the poor. But as for my USUAL weekends, I am pretty contempt with those listed above.